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The Mvrketplace, is a 'Consumer Empowerment Tool.' Membership is Free and *includes equity (shares) and voting rights. Members can search our database for discounted products and services. These may include foodstuffs, consumer electronics, fashion, clothing, motor vehicles or raw materials or precious metal. Please see our 'Product & Service Request Form' This is a no obligation and *anonymous contact form. It assist us and directs our sourcing efforts. in that you can list any product or service you or your company may require. We welcome individuals who may be looking for a single mobile phone or to secure components to manufacture mobile devices. or and it matters not We do not supply only individuals but all consumers including SME's 'Small and medium size companies' to procure virtually any product or service. We endeavour to make it possible or at least more profitable for entrepreneurs to compete with the huge organizations especially in countries like South Africa where a handful of corporations seem to be working together instead of competing for customers. The term monopoly comes to mind and this 'business model' may even be deemed illegal in some countries but it is relative and easy to get away with grey areas especially in certain industries and worse in newer industries as often we find the legal system lagging behind in terms of new technology. This is not something new. Take the breakup of Standard Oil last century. Putting it simply no company had been able to monopolize an indutry in that way so new laws are needed continually and especially when the greed of a few individuals not only increase prices but it is becoming more dangerous The discounts are made possible in a number of ways. For example: Large retailers, resellers, suppliers and manufacturers benifit from 'Economics of scale' Thus their cost per unit is much lower than if you or I are even able to open an account with the same supplier. Take the example of a eCommerce store who wants to sell mobile phones. If you notice on the internet there may be a few small independent sellers but instead of the high street brands you will only find brands or no-name devices that have been some unknown name usually stuck on the device. The reason is the seller can buy them from China at 10% of their retail price. Not to go off topic but almost 100% of these sellers only last a few months or years and provide no support if the device does not work as claimed. I am aware of one such seller of rugged-phones based in Pretoria, South Africa that has used violence and intimidation to eliminate having to repair or replace his defective devices. Once a manufacturer creates a quality product within months they have a global distribution chain locked down. This is not a review platform, but beware of these types of devices. The problem is if you or I want to sell quality items, even with a suppliers or resellers account we just cannot buy the same volume when compared to a major retailer and often its less expensive to purchase directly from the retailer, as our cost price per unit is similar to the retailers selling price.

You and I are powerless. As corporations cooperate with each other to maximize profits its the consumer who suffers with low quality, no reply email addresses and the ever growing e-commerce there is not even a physical location that one can go to. The best we can do is speak to a call centre manager. Have you ever tried to get the contact details of their Head Office? I have and if lucky you get another call centre manager who probably has strict instructions regarding every type of complaint or request. This includes finding support for an item. Not being able to speak to a technician is the least of our problems. In most cases the best we can do is spend an hour trying to register on yet another website. That just multiplies the problem as I would not be surprised if the registering process is made to be complicated so our details are given freely but due to the pandemic or the load shedding or its too hot, too cold and that is the reason we must wait for 24-48 hours for a reply. Maybe the item purchased was on sale just for that reason. The cost of the item is a nominal amount when compared to the value of our content and personal details. We have given yet another organization permission to own our contact details and use it to better serve us online. Not actually that is what they say if you read the samm print you may be shocked or horrified and that is the tip of the iceberg. You and I cannot email this company unless we have a product number or warranty number and are prepared to spend an hour creating an account on yet another website so they too can steal our contact details and sell them to other companies who constantly bombard us with targeted adverts. It it getting even more dangerous with the big media houses who now control literally every bit of content from all our photos, medical scripts, every emai8l we have written and know our physical location at all times. We are told this content is used to best serve us online, what happens if it gets into the wrong hands. What about criminals, if they can hack into government data bases and global banks accessing our content must be easy. In truth you do not even have to hack into any system as its for sale and unlike some physical item it can be sold daily to hundreds of companies so the wrong hands its way too late for that as its already in their hands. As you or I take a photo or drive our vehicles it is already being analysed using algorithms and automatically sorted and before I have finished this sentence our details and buying habits have been shared with thousands of strangers who get paid for this continual stream of content. As technology evolves and big business gains more power there is really nothing we can do as individual consumers. What about legally? If you have millions you can take legal action but once again these companies have deep pockets, I would go as far as saying it is expected in the same way you and I have Medical Insurance these groups of companies registered in tax free havens have bank account with half a billion USD. Or more you sue you right back and within a few months you and I would be insolvent.

Contact us. Pay the same low rate as the bigger agents. Take advantage of our C2M bulk discounts. The Mvrketplace is your bulk discount cooperative. you if you a small company or start-up take advert age of every legal opportunity. That goes for individuals who may buy one phone every 2 years or even one vehicle in 5 years. You think what difference will it make? Sure, some item like commodities the price is set etc. It is possible to get up to 5% discount that is after the standard free warranty or included radio player. These are professional sales people. They hive that to everyone. Its not about what they give to everyone I agree its about what they five to Anglo-American or the SA Government or do you think Hullet Sugar or SAB, who purchase 100's or 1000's of vehicles annually not to mention the dealer want the same business every year they want to literally do anything short of losing money wait they would even loose money this year if they could somehow get all vehicles from this or that national listed company for the next 5 or 10 years. Think about it, never mind the proprietor the dealer who manages that deal can go on holiday for 5 years as his or her quota of vehicles is already sold for 5 years. My point here is a few genuine percent on ZAR 900 000.00 about the price with extras and warranty of a new Hilux. OK so its not much but imagine you just started a business you need every cent. You purchase the vehicle, its November no chance of a family holiday. Its exciting starting a new business but ZAR 60 000.00 may make the difference of success or failure, not just of your business, not just having a fantastic vacation plus a new vehicle but your marriage! Its not just working capital if you rely on some product be it sand cement whatever if your fixed costs were similar to Murray and Roberts you could get the contact easily undercut them and in 5 years your business could be purchased buy a public company that is what I am talking about. It may not all be about cost but cutting costs especially in our small economy is literally the answer to most business related endeavours. y is Why pay more than Seaff Properties. OK, its only by the coast I use that spelling. But you get the picture. Photos, property services? We can only try Advertising I should think if we book together we demand fair prices. If you looking for a platform filled with fancy *technology, you will be disappointed. For the next 6 months we need to build our membership (shareholders). 100% equity will be owned my members. While shares are not infinite we cannot guarantee you will be one of the lucky members to own and equal share of the Mvrketplace Search Engine & Empowerment Marketplace, that is entirely up yo you. Individuals get the same deal. In fact if you looking to purchase one unit one mobile phone, laptop or food parcel that is our specialty. Email us or complete the form and let us know what you want listed. We will then offer the same (One Unit ) The retail price, the price for 100 units, 1000 units, 10 000 units etc. As mentioned you do not have to purchase 10 000 units that is the point to get the discount price as if you were purchasing 10 000 units when only purchasing one. If you agree in writing to purchase 1 (one unit) at the listed price reserved for buyers that usually take 10 000 units. Please understand if we do not reach 100 sales or 10 0000 sales (All individuals buyers added together) we may have to aim for a slightly lower quantity or you can help us help yourself if you like an item and are actually buying it it send a great message to friends, colleges, family unlike just getting paid to promote an item there is a difference as you are actually spending your own money on this mobile device you know the quality, or a friend has the device the discount is just a bonus so share it make social media work for you! I mean it. Once you realize social whatever is a waste of your precious time you begin to see how modia can work for you. This is how social media can work for you and its really the only way. If you have a business you do not need to pay crazy amount to influenzas. Wgo cares about the Paris Holiday In. She is getting paid for that lip gloss something like a million USD. Just to apply it once she will never use it again. But there is a line one cannot cross. If you need anonymity for personal or business reasons you can get friends family or your procurement agency that you own to share and share and share the listing or commodity you want but there is nothing quite like a purchase who knowns what he or she wants that knowledge comes from having used the device or having used the raw material before and knowing it is quality otherwise why waste time trying to purchase it at a discount infract you would not try and purchase rubbish like the crappy rugged phone from Pretoria, utter Chinese crap. They contacted us and we refused. Remember 2 (two) things. Our (shareholders who we serve our purpose is to make them rich no matter the cost - No that is most other business. We are different, primarily we will do more for our shareholders our purpose in life of G-d given purpose is serving our shareholders. One could say G-d is purpose not love that is a stupid Christian concept. Love is an emotion its fleeting, here for 10 minutes gone for 10 years. If you force my hand G-d did not create you or me so he could love us he created us for a purpose! I apologize about what I said or what may be perceived as racist or judgemental about any religion. I ask for your forgiveness as I know G-ds already forgiven me. He has turned the cheek. But please remember this always. I was told God is in my image or somehow we resemble each other. For the record here I must add having had some experience with cheap Chinese fake phones, the worst examples are even in South Africa, a rugged phone sold out of Pretoria a Duchman. Seriously he was born in the Netherlands and came to live in Pretoria and I purchased one device when i went traveling IP68 waterproof sounds very fancy and tough, promises gurantees etc etc. I have owned many mobile devices having been in the business and this one is not even IP rated. It has 512MB of RAM not 4GB lasted 3 days but the first 2 days I was traveling so it lasted 1 day absolute crap. I gave it away I swear to a guy in the Transkei, I told him it was crap but I suppose having a phone that doesn't work is better than not having a phone. It looks impressive from far as long as you keep it off. The guy who sold it unseen promised the gurantees for 2 years. Then when I asked for a refund or to have it fixed he threatened to kill me. Honest Story! 'The point of telling you is people can spend months & years making the website look good and adding little stickers IP68 etc. Unless its your business as I do expect a costly learning curve do not buy 10 or 100 buy 1 so you pay a little extra shipping. Unless you looking to get into the business as mentioned maybe once in 1000 or 10 000 you find a great "no name" or new device whatever. But it is very rare as if an item has an quality its branded and distribution is locked up. My point is the Samsung or MIUI device may not be as affordable or as fancy but it will give you 1-3 years without problems. Or if need be it will get repaired even if you have to pay something its still far better than having your life threatened your healthy 3 year old pet killed. True story, I am coming for you Durchman fake cop, legally! I will never threaten anyone however if I do anything say anything; it will be legal 100% within the law of the land. So, always do your homework. Most of us want whatever we want to buy so badly We trick ourselves usually unaware we even Google 'Search' Ex. Positive Reviews For Mahindra 4x4" or "ABC phone IP68 positive reviews" The worst vehicle in the world will have at least one positive review again people trying to make money will pay $19.00 for a phone if it looks good has a sticker IP68 they will advertise the junk as IP68, the lesson here... If we ask the wrong question make the wrong search we will always find the wrong answer and believe it because we want to believe it" He is still around refused my are members buyers! We not going to offer crap to our shareholders even if its available at 90% discount. #2. This is no joke imagine Amazon or Walmart. If you have not been to the USA. Imagine the largest Pick and Pay hypermarket & Macro together times 1000 more stores. OK. I will come back to this point a little later. The amount of sales lets guess 100 or 200 Billion (USD) annually. It does not matter my point here is if you allow me to use the same examples: Walmart or Amazon. The Walton Family based in some funny US town. The founder of Walmart, if I remember his name, Sam Walton, It could be 5 or 20 year whatever not important but he was listed as the wealthiest man on earth. Today or last I read it was short Jeff. Why short I cannot call him stupid or a criminal and I am jealous. ago relatively speaking in Jeff Bezos place. excuse (spelling) I did not think of that. Sorry I think aloud. I am speaking retailers cannot imagine the amount of sales but they still make billions every quarter and their prices are 99.99% like all the time much lower than you or I would get even if registered with lets say DJI Drones or Sell Laptops. Visit the SA agent go to the only/exclusive agent provide all your documents proof of business actually brick and mortar store with photos, even offer to purchase 10 items per month your cost price will be higher than Walmart's retail selling price! Why? you ask it is so simple no do not waste time hiring a photographer to take better photos or your new store. Order more than Walmart or Amazon, But now imagine @realDonaldTrump suddenly passed a law that said Walmart is no longer allowed to make a profit? Remember their selling price is lower than my cost price lower than what I will pay the exclusive agent who will not supply me unless I am a genuine reseller and I know this from personal experience. (The same distributor) as Walmart, Amazon, *Game or *Macro or the former and latter from charging more making any profit/mark-up both of these stores can get from the agent or wholesaler for resale. Their primary motivation is profit. They have to pay high rents. *We believe in utilising the latest technology. In fact without it no organization will survive. We will introduce it on your instruction as 100% equity in this endeavour belongs to every member equally.

*Examples of South African National Stores Chains.

I do not know about you but I am sick and tired of being powerless in the face of *Corporate Governance. *Simply, when corporations get so big and powerful they literally place the individual in power or lets say whoever will serve their bottom line. In return the government serves them. Do you think the South African government just ended up owning almost 50% of the equity (shares) by accident. It was the majority who voted into power our government but some believe that an election in South Africa cannot be rigged. It can but with the knowledge that say at least 70% of voters will choose one party, if another Political Party who only received 1.2% of the votes during the previous election and now suddenly get 80% of the votes. It may be seen or some of us may suspect the vote was rigged. There is a much more simple way forward. This 'trick' was 3000 years old. The date may be off by a 1000 years but that is not the issue. A wise Chinese philosopher wrote a few thousand years ago a book called 'the Art of War' One of his teaching I quote, "The war is won before the fight" In other words in this context instead of trying to rig the election it is easy enough to guess who will get the majority of the votes so prior to the outcome ask your mom or dad if that person can come to your house to play. Remember to be friendly and most importantly share your toys!

It is not difficult as children we do it all the time. If you happen to have 'Donald' Duck to play you may have to get your mom to buy bigger toys, but it is still possible. Especially if you have a sister or half sister and let Donald play with her as well. But you get the idea. If you do not understand what I am talking about then let me explain it in another way.

First a question? This is not a trick question just try your best. When I say you and I or you and me what do we have in common? We are the same species that is correct but too deep. We are all consumers and without consumers most business would dissolve or go insolvent. How can we be powerless? There are I guess 8 billion of us and if I decide to stop eating ice cream Ben & Jerry may get a little upset but after some therapy they will come to the realization that I am a commodity and can be replaced with 5 others of the same species and thus it could be good for their business. If I demand they make 'Rat Flavour' ice cream even if I have their email address the chances are not very good, it is possible but unlikely that the following month I will find my 'Rat Flavoured' Ice Cream.

My point here is if everyone or at least 50% of their customers who are also consumers, demanded same the probability increases drastically. I will not say I guarantee we will get our 'Rat Flavour' Ice Cream but we may even get a reply from Ben or Jerry.

Why not who with a little pressure and a donation for the next election the license to operate a mobile network also happened by accident or the country that urgently required the lowest mobile data to enable their supporters who voted them into power who now desperately need jobs and to start new companies, not only for themselves more importantly it has been proved that the more small and medium size companies in any economy the entire country benefits. I could go as far and say that by counting the number of new companies would give us a good idea on how well the entire economy was doing. Often, I am told when any government encourages people to start new business by offering them incentives and low pay as you go mobile costs as one example as imagine you want to sell something but to find a customer to have to advertise and phone people or even email and without phoning buyer back the chance of you getting a sale will be much lower. It makes sense for the government to make a few rules not like in Russia, but try keep to convince the people who sell pay as you go airtime to not charge more than every other country in the world because then the indicidual trying to sell something would have to spend 5 times more for airtime than he would make by selling his coconut or whatever he wanted to sell. In business there are always risks that you may not sell the item you want to sell but you could always try selling bananas as well if the coconut did not sell. The problem is the majority of people did not have enough money to buy airtime plus even if they could borrow the money for airtime they would have to sell a thousand bananas every time he called one customer. You can guess what happened? The airtime was just too expensive so no new business could survive and even existing business could not make money to grow and when a business grows it often needs more employees and that is the key that opens to door to jobs and unemployment goes down. What seems even more strange is the government it just happened but they owned 50% of Vodacom but for some reason they did not use their votes to convince management to lower the cost of data. First I thought it was impossible as maybe Vodacom was not making enough money to lower the costs of 'Pay as you go airtime' but to my surprise all the shareholders made billions in profit and if they reduced the cost of airtime by half they would have still been the most profitable company in South Africa. government owned enough stock in Vodacom to influence data costs we ended up with the highest pay as you go cost possibly in the world.