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Don't purchase on this exchange unless you can afford to lose. While most great fortunes do originate from trading in the private market. The most common being the entrepreneur who sells some of his companies equity in order to raise funds or venture capital in invested in a new company, a highly risky endeavour. The fact is most if not all self-made individuals make their wealth in the private market, This is prior to going public of the stock exchange. Sure, there are investors in the public markets that make money take Warren Buffet maybe the best example. But working at a job and investing $200.00 every month may serve you well and provide a good return but if you looking to make real money, it is not how it works. Remember an entrepreneur may spend years building his business or some wonderkid's in technology may speed up the process by developing a new application but these kinds of business are usually not the case. Most business can take years before wealthy investors seek them out or private equity funds are willing to invest (gamble) on these companies or start-ups. It may be these funds enable the business to rocket skywards and the private equity funds made up of wealthy individuals and pension fund managers. This may lead to an IPO or public listing and if you manage to invest in a company prior to going public you can also make a lot of money but you can lose just as much. Those VC or angels who spend most of their time seeking out the next big thing can afford to lose all the money they invest as they have already made their money plus they are experienced investors. This kind of investing is not for everyone and its not just about having money. If you look at all self-made indivudals by far the majority have made their money by starting their own business and then over time taking it public, but this can be a long process and in almost every example their money the real money was made in the private market. Take for example prior to going public the business must first pass a number of tests financial and others. This process even dealing with private banks or corporate banks up until the company is listed on any one or more public exchanges, when the investment bank prepares the business to go public, it is the private market the wealthy and institutions not to mention the investment bank who makes their money in the private market it may be subject to the public offering when investors are offered to buy shares at a certain price before the general public you and me are able to invest via a stock broker or electronically. What must be remembered is by this time even if the stock price goes up by 30% there is no guarantee it will remain at that price, lets for argument sake say it does and better still it go's up another 20% it sounds great but my $200.00 or $500.00 even invested at the pr-listing amount may have gained 50% so yes you can make billions investing in the public exchange but remember that type of growth foes not happen often and $500.00 may now be worth $750.00. The problem is unless you have nett assets or cash to invest $500 million (USD) you have only made $250.00 a great return on $500.00 in one day but to make money investing in less risky equity, property or whatever you have to have enough money in theory anyway that id you lost your entire investment your life would not be affected financially. Thus the fact of the matter is you need a lot of money to invest in private markets, by investing in public markets you may have less risk but it will not make you wealthy unless you are investing a lot mote than $500.00 per month plus you cannot invest in mutual funds, you can but you will struggle to find any fund or group or shares that will offer you more 10-15% better returns than the average investment fund and there are no gurantees. So unless you have a large enough disposable income. Take for example what you earn and subtract all your expenses insurance etc. Now speak to a financial or investment professional if you can find one you trust. That will be even harder. Once you have found one show them your finances. How much dispoable income do you have that amount must be after all expenses plus lets call it a safety net some money you save incse you lose your job, if you young educated and the economy is good work on at least 6 months your current salary and ask yourself how much do I have to risk? If you are lucky and work for Eskom or friends with the Guptas this is good news. So you have your disposable income less the savings you make every month and you find yourself with swapping to ZAR 1 200 000.00 if this amount is constant you receive it every month and you are under the afe of 30 years with the right investment manager work out how many months you have until you are 55 years old and you could grow that investment all being equal into ZAR 30 - ZAR 60 million rand, Not enough? Than get fired from your job and start a company. Either way there are no gurantees you could end up going insolvent as you are competing against some huge companies and depending on the industry remember South Africa is a small economy and unfortunately most if not all of those huge companies work together with other huge companies a little like monopolies. What I mean is you will need raw material, computers and almost everything else depending on the business you start. Unless you are an IT or internet wizard if you start any other business the idea is to producr products or services good luck to those who can make software or have it all, what I mena is the few of us who are origional and produce or invent something new but even those in high technology you will need office or factory space internet access furniture employees and maybe the worst of all legal assitance especially if you stand on the toes of IBM or you create something valuable and one of the big tech companies uses one of their thousands of patents or even trademarks for no other reason but to drag you down or slow you down knowing full well they will lose the case but the time and expense will not only make you insolvent but during that time while you fighting a fake fight they have engineers that make your software or product similar in any way to one of their 8 year old patents or dust of the mark they filed 9 years ago backdate some advertising or whatever and eventually you win the case you owe the bank a lot of money and guess what they sue you again for infringement viz your new and unique ptoduct or software and a case like that can cripple you by the time that is over you find yourself selling the rights to whatever is left for cents on the dollar not grgetting if its really valuable your family, patents, pets and friends may be threatened your pet killed and your house and computer hacked. Expect to get threatening phone calls from individuals who claim to be ex. SAPS, (South African Police Services) Remember you dealing with a well respected large company like the core group the agents in South Africa for all Apple products and services. Plus, this is not a joke, their other interests include weapons trading and now they after your mobile phone you have a registered trademark but they ignore your emails if anything the cease and desist email has your contact details. their former business urder and robbery from cost the of who I might add only invest a tiny amount of their total before finding anyone interested in investing in equity or lending money the public market or stock exchange. Sure, money can be made over time with knowledge it is not guaranteed. For example investing R500.00 every month in a mutual fund even with luck in a growing economy by the time you retire you may have 2-3 million rand but you will never become wealthy. Procuring is our passion, anonymity our promise. We do not guarantee you the lowest price, but you are the boss. Members are shareholders.