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C2Me, are not trying to reinvent the wheel. The amount of ecommerce stores number millions. Most of us know what we want or we may find something listed online or in a store and instead of spending 300% mark-up be smart request it and the chances are high you can still purchase it from the store you like the only difference will be its price.

.................... is the e-commerce platform that helps brands and retailers improve their performance, automate their business processes, and grow internationally.

We endeavour to empower consumers, workers and employees. Corporations are now controlling governments. With the growth of technology these huge groups have access not only to all our personal details. shopping habits, documents, emails but also track us in real time. Whatever you may think is probably not even the tip of the iceberg. Why would companies like Microsoft offer 5GB of cloud storage Free with any basic 'Office' software subscription. Google provides at least 30 GB free, claiming that they may collect our basic details to serve us better. If you tell you that if you delete a photo it will not be deleted from 'their' storage. The truth is you and I do not even understand that we do not understand! Individual consumers are powerless but if we cooperate and work together our combined power & influence can be used to unimagined benefits.

Would you like to pay 35-75% less for any item then email us and we will go directly to the manufacturer? We can save you thousands of Rand. From School Books to motor cars, mobile phones, clothing or whatever else you want. Instead of paying crazy retail prices get huge discounts and have fun. Form groups and decide what products you want at the best prices. Then Email Us: and let us know the name of the item and model number? We will do the rest and you may even get one of the items Free! What have you got to lose?We endeavour to source the identical looking items but unlike the cheap Chinese gear procured by Cape Union Mart, our products have been manufactured to serve a specific purpose and we do not only claim or use the term outdoor or adventurer clothing as a marketing scam.

We will do the rest and you may even get one of the items Free! What have you got to lose?

We will do the rest and you may even get one of the items Free! What have you got to lose? If you know what your friends like let us know. Even if we provide a link to the sellers website if you like something you have seen listed on any website or in any store? Take a photo and the chances are your 'friends' will like it too. Recommend any product and you may get it Free!