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(Augmented & Virtual Reality)

We’re bringing your personal shopping experience to the comfort of your home! ‘etc. Sell VR gear & (IoT) as its all virtually same.


The whole project was inspired by the idea of e-commerce in a world with more advanced technology and faster network speeds. We find it increasingly hard to find time to visit our favourite stores. Thus, we decided to bring those stores home!


The MVRKETPLACE will allows its users to experience in-store shopping from home. The user would be able to browse the entire catalogue of a store as well as try on outfits using an avatar catered to their own body shape and measurements.


MVRKETPLACE was developed using Unity for the Samsung Gear VR. We also developed back-end code for the cart object using VS Code.


Due to our unfamiliarity with Unity and VR programming, we encountered many obstacles in developing the application. There were also hardware compatibility issues such as a lack of VR support for certain phone models. This culminated in the inability to implement movement and object interaction.


Even with the obstacles we successfully created our desired environment. The guys and girls who made this possible consisted of a number of international universities.

A big thank you. I know getting your doctorate was your primary motivation but your financial benifit will make you smile. However work still needs to be done. In the interim we encourage membership and equity is not infinite


We learned how to use Unity to build a basic VR environment.


Note: MVRKETPLACE is nowhere near our goal. We plan to incorporate user movement and interaction capabilities to realize the full experience of in-store shopping.


• Samsung-Gear-VR

• Unity etc.

• (sorry cannot give it all away) +++


  • Decentralized by law
  • Every member/buyer owns an equal amount of equity shares in the Mvrketplace Cooperative.
  • Equity is 100% Free/Gratis



Learn About (C2M) 'Consumer to Manufacturer'

The members (buyers) can purchase individual items at the bulk, discount price usually reserved for global corporations and retailers. Think of it as crowd purchasing without any added margins or costs unusually associated with ecommerce sellers. The 'VR' Marketplace is a (C2M) platform. Products may include clothing, fresh produce, household items, electronics etc. When looking at a product, users are presented with two price options, a standard price to buy directly (retail) and a discounted price. Discounted prices are unlocked when users cooperate and create ‘teams’ of at least two buyers. The 'VR' Marketplace (C2M)

“Basically, it provides a fun way to shop together and save tons of money.” Alluding to the platform’s unique selling point—Group Shopping as more shares reflect directly into lower costs and more savings. If you like a product ‘share it’ with friends and on social media, as the mote ‘shares’ the less you and I pay for our individual order. Users can persuade their friends to join their purchase via WhatsApp or any other social media or chat site. Zoon is also catching on. In China QQ and QR code scanning has taken off. This model simultaneously reduces the price for consumers while creating large orders, stronger powerful economies of scale plus increases profits for manufactures and suppliers as consumers do the sales and marketing on their behalf. Consumers become unofficial recruiters for the platform, keeping The Marketplace is 100% free of costs and commissions! Not even accepting, PayPal as they believe that 3-5% plus bank changes and credit card charges may get your purchase 3 hours quicker but over time its costing you almost half of what you and I pay for products and services. PayPal, especially in South Africa can change 200% as a merchant double commission and then can take 7-8 months to pay out after FNB takes even more changes. If you see the leading financial instructions and Queens Elisabeth’s UK Best Entrepreneurial Prize went to UK based they are also refusing to accept PayPal or and other expensive payment gateways.

Recognized as a consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) model, consumers create value for manufacturers and provide merchants ideas for new product developments. The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace (C2M) platform builds on this new model, supporting merchants by supplying consumer insights, R&D suggestions and preferences to help them tailor-make products for their targeted customers. C2M is essentially evolving traditional manufacturing from an R&D and marketing-driven process into a consumer-driven process. Gamification meets social commerce

The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace (C2M) platform is designed to look like a virtual bazaar. Unlike the conventional search model used by global peers, the ‘VR’ (Virtual Reality) Mvrketplace (C2M) engages its users with scrollable personalized recommendations (based on an algorithm of their past viewing behaviour). There is no obvious search bar The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace (C2M) users don’t use the platform to search for an item that they already have in mind, they typically browse for fun. This model replicates the fun of discovery typically associated with offline shopping.

The integration of social is key during the The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace (C2M) online shopping process and the bigger the shopping ‘team’, the lower the price of purchase. This interactive function hooks consumers who are motivated by deals, making the platform addictive while gamifying e-commerce. The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace (C2M) also offers incentives such as free merchandise, cash rewards for daily users and free delivery, keeping users hooked.

If users aren’t able to motivate friends, they can join other online users to form a team and buy a product — there are always deals to be had on The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace (C2M) and this makes the platform extremely sticky. An emerging consumer group. The social sharing model means users share product information with friends that typically have similar income and consumption preferences. discounts can reach up to 90%; such heavily discounted prices on our rural and urban centres especially when the Pandemic is stopping us from shopping for fun. together but we can still save tons of money! With limited disposable income and less brand conscious. This demographic makes up 73% of our population. The ‘VR’ Mvrketplace (C2M) taps into a new market that is steadily becoming familiar with e-commerce: rural African customers will save trillions of Rand cutting out the many profiteers, wholesalers and middle med going directly to the manufacturer. The only ingredient is you and me consumers wanting to cooperate its worth the huge discounts.

The ‘VR’ (Virtual Reality) Mvrketplace (C2M) is particularly popular with women who make up 70% of the user base. They are considered to be responsible for family purchases and more price sensitive.